This is M.E.

I shared this poem via a virtual campaign, on May 12th this year, which is international ME Awareness Day. Roughly 17 million people worldwide are living with this debilitating neuro-immune multisystemic illness. We all had lives Before. We had dreams, goals; We were full of ambition. Carefree and silly Young and free. We moved through the … More This is M.E.

Wringing out

Words for when stress, worry and anxiety creep in and you lose your footing. Winter can be a fitting time for self-reflection, let its refreshing winds move you, perhaps, in another direction.  Your stress Builds and doubles. Enough is enough – It’s as simple as that. Wring out your stress, Let it drip all over … More Wringing out

Limbo Land

With a driven spirit and an ailing body, I’m constantly caught in the crossfire; wanting to live and needing to survive. I enter this land ‘Limbo Land’ Where my limbs can move, But only for a minute. Where my brain fires. Then misfires. Causing blanks in space And time. I’m torn between hibernation And persevering … More Limbo Land

A way to be

May you not see Your rest As defeat. Or measure your days In good Or bad. Define your days By moments And small steps. Make peace With your grief. Be grateful; For grieving shows How badly You want to live. This darkness will lift.

Poetry Mondays: M.E.

Listen to learn; don’t listen to answer. Your look of judgement Comes from ignorance. Your cruel words Come from a lack of empathy. Your understanding will only Come from Listening. Just listening. From then, will my words Walk you through The pain I endure. The sacrifices I’ve made. The loss I’ve tried to make up … More Poetry Mondays: M.E.

Stillness {Poem}

Stillness is both soothing and chilling.  There is this heaviness That is beckoning me To lay down. But to lay gently Requires strength To position – I would fall And never get back up again. Roots would wrap around me. Seeds would flower. Birds would call My place of rest Home.

{Poem} Shot

What lurks are the ghosts of my past. I was flying So high – Until I was shot From the sky. I crash landed Muddied; Wings broken, Marked in defeat. What I had Was my feet. I looked up; The flock of white Flew on. Rock bottom, My new home. I limped forward Dragging my … More {Poem} Shot