Poetry Mondays: Breathe

Sometimes all you can do is breathe like your life depends on it.

Like a thousand knives

Piercing my heart.

I clench my chest

Gasping for air;

Silent screams

Eerily echoing

Down the hall.

I open the window;

Breathe, you need to breathe.

Seven years –

Stop counting.

A missed moment –

There was nothing you could do.

I wish –

Don’t waste your breath.

Hello, are you there? Emilia??

I hang up –

I can’t,

I’m crying –

I can’t stop.

My heart is pounding

I pause;

It’s happening all over


I need to breathe.

Slow and steady

In – out

Hushing myself,

Brushing aside my tears.

I compose myself


I am here.

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