Poetry Mondays: Taking higher ground

I hope I never lose my hope.


All has been said;

It is in the open.

My illness has stopped me;

Or rather I have stopped –

Before it’s too late.

A painful wisdom I have learned;

Through trials and tribulations.

The toeing and froing;

Walking through nomads land

Is a dark and numbing place to be.

Yet the act of decision

Is more agonising –

Just for a moment.

Then peace descends.

I can rest and rejuvenate.

The distant image –

The future;

It has a place for me.

It needs me;

And I it.

Sacrifice is only too familiar.

A friend or foe?

I’m yet to know;

I mourn.

My body has amnesia,

It cannot care for itself.

I feel betrayed;

It has let me down.

I take the highest ground I can climb,

I am bigger and stronger than this illness.

I kick it in the guts;

‘Watch me succeed.’

Like retreating troops,

I regroup,

Mapping out my next plan of attack;


I mount my horse;

We’re galloping forward

To the place yonder the hill.

We ascend to higher grounds.

What beauty lies before my eyes.

To freedom and endless possibilities;

This is just the beginning.

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