{Poem} Aqua therapy

I wrote this poem several months ago after I had found my ‘thing’ – floating in the pool with oldies. Initially, I started with hydrotherapy (physio guided exercises) – then as my physical strength increased I graduated and enrolled in aquaerobics (water dancing) at my local pool. This has been the only type of exercise that hasn’t caused me pain as the water supports my body – giving my achy joints a break!  However, in typical Emilia fashion, I overdid it and relapsed. 

You hold me steadily

And gently;

Yet your vast volume

Could drown


As I flick my legs

And arms –

Buoyancy has me

Bound to you.

Big and blue,

How refreshing

And calming

You are.

You wrap around my body,

Like a thousand hugs

From angels.

Slipping and falling is


As you hold my wings.

Your grip loosen

As I strengthen;

And move about with


How have I overlooked your enormity?

You have been the cheapest therapy!

You caught me when I was falling;

I landed in the pool of

My tears.

Instead of drowning

You floated me –

Now I am walking



It has been 5 months since I have been in the pool.  I’m hoping spring will bring a breath of change to my deteriorated condition.

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