{Poem} Sea change

I questioned what I thought was right for me; turns out it was a detriment to my recovery. 

In desperate times

You can discover

Ways to either

Sink or float

Your rudder.

Perhaps we don’t

Give our bodies credit enough  –

I know I certainly haven’t.

I rule with my head;

Logic, progress – success.

Most of the time

I think I know best;

This involves little rest.

Rest is more

Then merely lying flat

Scrolling through the internet –

Benefits of this and that!

Therapies and surgeries

To fix this and that.

I have never said to myself;

‘I want to heal.’

How sad is that?

Rather my focus

Was on the ambiguous –

‘Healthy trap.’

For me,

Healthy and healing


The outcome?

I could run,

Have fun,

All with the gusto;

Full steam ahead!

It never occurred to me

To put

2 and 2


All this time

I was under the weather,

My drive had not changed.


I had changed.

Now I seek

A sea change.

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