{Poem} Doctor, doctor

The unknown is more frightening than being diagnosed; knowing is relief and comfort, that what you feel is real.  

I walked in

Praying for

A red flag or

Marker –

Anything but



Nothing is


You say

You still feel the same miss?

Yes, I do.

Nothing has changed

I insist.

Perplexed for a second;

Then he persists.

He insists

I down my pills

Three times a day.

He scribes a script;

Prescribes me a


I’ll run more tests

He declares.

I think that’s best. Now

Follow the wall along the hall –

Take the first left.

I ring the bell

And take my rest.

You may come in.

I confirm my identity

And the rest.

I lie flat

Slowing my breath;

Pinching my thigh fat –

The needle slides


I wander my mind

3 phials down.

I stroll further

Into the far nooks

Of my mind;

All done.

I unroll my sleeves

Ignoring the stains.

Perhaps this time

It won’t be in vain?

I take my leave.

I hide my hope,

Hop into my car

And drive afar;

Til next time.

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