{Poem} Here and now

It is on the days where my illness is crippling that I need to ground myself – not getting lost in the dark swells of my mind and losing sight of the bigger picture. Perspective is powerful. Β 

Let the sun shine in,
Draw a deep breath.
Settle yourself
In the here
And now.
Yesterday’s troubles
Are in the past.
Tomorrow is yet to come
So live in the now.

Feel your body
Kick off your quilt.
Rise and shine
It’s a joy to be
Set your intentions,
One step at a time.
Harness your mind,
Quiet in meditation.
Let the scent of frankincense,
Connect you;
You are one.

Elongate and spread
Your coiled legs.
Hold your head high.
Open yourself
To worldly delights;
Today will be a wonderful day,
Even if all I do
Is breathe –
That is a blessing.
I have my body,
Able –
Though unwell.
This I can accept.
Here’s to the
Here and now.

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