Poetry Mondays: M.E.

Listen to learn; don’t listen to answer. Your look of judgement Comes from ignorance. Your cruel words Come from a lack of empathy. Your understanding will only Come from Listening. Just listening. From then, will my words Walk you through The pain I endure. The sacrifices I’ve made. The loss I’ve tried to make up … More Poetry Mondays: M.E.

Stillness {Poem}

Stillness is both soothing and chilling.  There is this heaviness That is beckoning me To lay down. But to lay gently Requires strength To position – I would fall And never get back up again. Roots would wrap around me. Seeds would flower. Birds would call My place of rest Home.

{Poem} Shot

What lurks are the ghosts of my past. I was flying So high – Until I was shot From the sky. I crash landed Muddied; Wings broken, Marked in defeat. What I had Was my feet. I looked up; The flock of white Flew on. Rock bottom, My new home. I limped forward Dragging my … More {Poem} Shot