Poetry Mondays: Life in staccato shots

Pause, unplug and re-wire your love. 

Life is fragile;

So we are to be tough.

But soft enough

To bend

Around the paths

We take.

Short breaths

Capture life

In staccato

Flash, flash, flash;

We miss the little moments

Of purity, peace –

Stillness. We see shots

And zoom in.

We lose perspective

Of what is;

What is important?


We lose our sense of meaning.

We spend

On creating meaning –

‘Finding ourselves.’

You are found;

You are here.

Loved ones

Mean more

Than loved things.

Newness decays

Like a sugary tooth.


We were made to move,

To sweat out ailments,

Toxins and disease.

Yet we sit

As our bodies deplete

In energy and youth.

Move to live.

Breathe to feel.

See to understand.

Hear to listen.

Speak truthfully.

Listen to your heart honestly

It never betrays your gut


Don’t be afraid of





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