Poetry Mondays: Millions Missing

This is my response to seeing Jennifer Brea’s documentary ‘Unrest.’ 

It pained me
When you said
You cried today.
Is not what you
Had planned or
For me.
But this is
My reality.

You saw snippets
Of my journey
Spread across the screen.
It was as confronting
For me,
As it was for you.
The first seconds
I was swallowing
My tears –
I was to burst
Before it all begun.
It was raw
And perhaps
Too real –
This is real.
The injustice is real;
How we’re treated
And judged.
The inequality
In funds
And thought.
General knowledge
Due to doctors
And school.
You treat cancer
With compassion
And kindness –
Yet our disease
Is looked upon
With distrust
And apathy
As we’re wished
‘Good luck.’

Millions suffer

In silence
And in shadows.
We’re not living,
Merely surviving;

Praying to make it through today.
You don’t see
It’s full force
As we don’t
Let you in –
We’re ashamed,
Frightened and
Medically forgotten.

M.E. effects
And men.
And old.
The strong
And bold.
Our lives
We’re sacrificed
For no greater good.
We ask ourselves
Why? Why me?
And then we begin
Our fight.
We never agreed
To our soul’s being split
And our
Bodies massacred,
By the millions.

I never chose this life, but I choose to live, despite all of this. 

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