{Poem} Hurting Heart

The heart is not a place to store your troubles. My dear, You were never meant To bury your burdens Deep down In your heart. This heaviness Stops your flight. Open your heart; Feel light.  

{Poem} Hope

I am hopeful again. My body may be bruised, But it is not broken. It aches, But is still breathing. My mind struggles, My body strives; It carries me. It ticks like clockwork, Odd beat it may be. It ticks, ticks, ticks – We are moving forward. Yesterday’s misery, Is today’s hope. Though gentle weeps … More {Poem} Hope

{Poem} Here and now

It is on the days where my illness is crippling that I need to ground myself – not getting lost in the dark swells of my mind and losing sight of the bigger picture. Perspective is powerful.   Let the sun shine in, Draw a deep breath. Settle yourself In the here And now. Yesterday’s … More {Poem} Here and now

{Poem} Cracks

If I let my tears run thick and fast, they would wash away my mask; you would see that I’m not all I’m cracked up to be.  How would you know? As you choose to see What you want to see. Your choices have cracks. One day, I hope you attend To her cracks. Before … More {Poem} Cracks

{Poem} Sea change

I questioned what I thought was right for me; turns out it was a detriment to my recovery.  In desperate times You can discover Ways to either Sink or float Your rudder. Perhaps we don’t Give our bodies credit enough  – I know I certainly haven’t. I rule with my head; Logic, progress – success. … More {Poem} Sea change

{Poem} Aqua therapy

I wrote this poem several months ago after I had found my ‘thing’ – floating in the pool with oldies. Initially, I started with hydrotherapy (physio guided exercises) – then as my physical strength increased I graduated and enrolled in aquaerobics (water dancing) at my local pool. This has been the only type of exercise … More {Poem} Aqua therapy